Ющук Евгений Леонидович (yushchuk) wrote,
Ющук Евгений Леонидович

Ускоритель работы Adobe Acrobat

программа значительно ускоряет работу Adobe Acrobat за счет исключения некоторых плагинов, как правило ненужных большинству обычных пользователей. При необходимости всегда
можно вернуться к первоначальной конфигурации, просто поставив галочку напротив этой опции.
Скачать программу (она назывется Adobe Reader SpeedUp)можно здесь:

Вот выдержка из файла readme программы:

Any version of the Adobe Acrobat and
Adobe Reader software from 3.0 and upwards should be supported.

Adobe Reader Speed-Up (ARSU) was created in an effort to automate
the process of speeding up Adobe Reader's launch time by
disabling the majority of plugins that are, quite franky,
completely useless for most users.

If the program gives you an error when you try to run it,
then you require the VB Runtimes pack. Download it here:

When the program is up and running, select your Adobe
Reader directory if you are prompted to via the Change Settings
link on the first step, then click Next and select the
type of speed up you require ("SpeedUp - Fast" is recommended),
and finally click on the Start button.

If you should require to revert back to the original slow
loading state, then run the program again and select Restore
Original Configuration and click on Start.

For information on what the plugins do, click on the Plugin
Help button in the step with the list of plugins. Then click
on a plugin to display its respective information.

That's all there is to it.

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