Ющук Евгений Леонидович (yushchuk) wrote,
Ющук Евгений Леонидович

В большую 4-ку требуется бизнес-разведчик с окладом в 200кРуб./м

Источник - Роман Ромачев

Assistant Manager/Manager To Forensic Services (Corporate & Business Intelligence)


∙ Manage and execute investigations from inception to delivery;

∙ Contribute to the growth of the forensic services practice through the development of new markets, opportunities and services;

∙ Build personal networks of contacts within the firm, with intermediaries and with clients to support further development of the business;

∙ Further develop existing specialist knowledge and expertise in a key forensic service;

∙ Manage and control billing and debt collection on assignments;

∙ Support the training and development of junior stuff.

Education, experience and skills requirements:

∙ Relevant technical experience in Corporate & Business Intelligence at least 3 years including project management;

∙ An accounting qualification (e.g. ACA, ACCA, CIPFA) is an advantage;

∙ Good understanding of key market sectors;

∙ Good research, interviewing and analysis skills;

∙ Extensive knowledge of information and investigation resources;

∙ Experience of working in multinational companies.

Soft skills:

∙ A team player, comfortable working alongside other professionals of all grades;

∙ Confident, professional, logical and analytical;

∙ Accurate under pressure and flexible in approach;

∙ Readiness to possible travels to client sites, including abroad;

∙ Able to speak with clarity and conviction in business presentations;

∙ Effective decision making and judgment;

∙ Able to prepare concise and engaging written work, delivering messages with impact;

∙ Russian and English languages – fluent level (spoken, written).

Резюме шлите Роману Ромачеву на мыло

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