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Мы обеспечиваем конкурентоспособность России в подготовке специалистов Конкурентной разведки

Мы в России этим летом делаем уже третий набор слушателей в Магистратуру по Конкурентной разведке.

Тем самым мы способствуем повышению конкурентоспособности России на международном рынке, потому что нельзя быть конкурентоспособным, не владея современными технологиями достижения конкурентного превосходства.
Умение работать с информацией в целях информационно-аналитического обеспечения управленческих решений - как раз одна из таких технологий.
Это касается не только бизнеса, но и госуправления, политики, силовых структур.

Почему я уверенно говорю о том, что мы обеспечиваем конкурентоспособность России в подготовке специалистов Конкурентной разведки?

Как сообщил Dr. Avner Barnea (Head, Competitive Intelligence, Corporate Security Crisis Management studies, MBA program, Netanya Academic College), израильский Академический колледж в Нетании открыл в этом году первый набор в MBA по нашей специальности (далее текст на английском языке):

A New Competitive Intelligence and Corporate Security MBA program in Israel
22 мая 2016 г.

The Netanya Academic College in Israel announced a new Competitive Intelligence and Corporate Security MBA program. This is a unique program executed for the first time in Israel. It will be launched at the opening of the new academic year in October 2016.

What is the need?

Our preliminary study shows that at least in Israel, most of the professionals in CI and CS do not have MBA degree. Secondly, most of them have not learnt these fields in the academia but on various short courses and often on the job training. Thirdly, it is quite obvious nowadays that MBA degree becomes essential, especially if one would like to move later to other positions in the business sector.

CI and academia

The new track we are opening now is undoubtly an important step forward, at least here in Israel. CI has to move forward and establish itself in the main stream of the business world. To achieve this goal CI must be recognized by the academia. This will be done by embedded CI studies into the curriculum and by doing more academic research. So far, we see a little progress in integrating CI into the academic teaching. The exact picture of CI studies is unclear. It seems that CI courses in USA are far more spread out than in other parts of the world. Europe is second. However, there is a lack of information, which disable to map correctly what is learnt and where?  This is an issue that must be addressed.

As to the research activity, after the scholarly journal, Competitive Intelligence Review (http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1002/(ISSN)1520-6386) was closed a few years ago, there was no academic publication for CI research. The new Journal of Intelligence Studies in Business (JISIB https://ojs.hh.se/index.php/JISIB/index) is definitely a significant move in the right direction of quality research. CI scholars are writing in various journals, mainly in marketing and strategy, but this is not enough.

The aim of the program

The aim new program is not just to expose the students to the state of the art in CI and CS. It also wishes to push forward towards more intensive research in these fields. It is expected to create new standards in CI and CS. The actual meaning is that graduates of this program will be more in demand in the market by their competitive advantage.

The vision

My vision is that this program will promote the profession of both CI and CS and make each of these fields recognized as a prime capability of corporations.

Key words: Competitive Intelligence, Corporate Security

Avner Barnea, Ph.D. (Business & International Relations) is a senior CI strategic consultant and also teaching CI in MBA programs in academic colleges in Israel. Head of Competitive Intelligence, Corporate Security and Crisis Management studies, the MBA program, The Netanya Academic College, Israel, He is a former senior officer in the Israel Intelligence Community and currently Chairman of the Israel CI Forum (FIMAT) and Member of SCIP Board of Directors.


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